Auditions – What to Expect

What ages can audition?

ITS accepts audition reservations for anyone interested in modeling, acting, singing or dancing from 4 years of age and up. 

Do I need to bring a parent?

Well, if you are under the age of eighteen you must bring a parent with you. If you are over eighteen you do not need a parent to attend but we certainly welcome their attendance.

What do I need to bring with me?

A current non-returnable snapshot of you. It is okay if it is not a professional picture. The picture is attached to your application to make the review of applications easier for the scouts. 

How should I dress?

Dress to Impress! You should dress as though you were going to dinner at a nice restaurant. Remember, first impressions are important. 

How long will the audition take?

The audition will last for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. General information about who we are and what types of people we are scouting for will be given, you will have a chance to audition in front of the National Scout and then extremely important information will be passed out to each person that auditioned explaining further about our company and our callback process.

Can I audition for more than one area?

Absolutely! We encourage participants auditioning for more than one area. You are welcome to audition for just one area or to audition for all four: modeling, acting, singing and dancing.

What happens after the audition?

Callbacks will be given to the participants that the National Scout felt have the most potential for success at The International Showcase. You will be notified and a separate appointment will be made for you to meet with the Scout personally. 

What happens if I do not make the callback list?

Unfortunately, not everyone who attends will receive a callback. It is possible that the Scout may not have seen your potential at this time or maybe you need to make yourself more marketable. However, I am sure you will have a great experience at the audition, you will learn a lot about the industry and we also encourage participants to audition again when we come back into their area.