Testimonials – From Participants

“To all of the ITS Team – We thank you all for the best time at the Doral and the ITS convention! It was a blast! We hope to see you all again soon. Miss Melissa and Mr Lynn – you are the best coaches that anyone could ask for. Miss Sharon – You are the best, thank you for calling me back and giving me the opportunity to go to Miami. We love you all!”

Destinee and Brittney, Williamsburg , VA

“ITS Team – Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for Mikayla. It’s been such a great experience! We really appreciate all your time and help and look forward to what may come next.” 

Debby, Mother of Mikayla, Indianapolis, IN

“ITS Team – I want to take a moment to thank you for all your help and hard work in preparing me for the ITS convention this past December. The convention was a great experience and I would not have been prepared without you! Thanks for all your guidance and time in answering all my questions in 2007 and thanks in advance for all the work you will continue to do for me. See you again in July, if not before at a workshop. All the best.” 

Chris, Jacksonville, FL

“ITS is an incredible learning experience. You build up so much confidence in yourself that you did not have before by attending this convention. There are numerous people just trying to simply help you out and better yourself so you can progress in this industry. I’ve learned to have more confidence in myself and it helped to build a good foundation of character as well. You learn from the best with all the top agents and casting directors. You cannot beat it by having everyone in one convention viewing YOU the talent! It would have taken me years to travel around and talk and agents opinions and meet them. This convention supplies you with them all. I had a blast attending this convention. I met so many people and made so many friends out of this process. I cannot put into words how much fun and what an experience it was to have the opportunity to attend a convention like this. It is both a learning experience along with having a great time.” 

— Zach, Philadelphia, PA

“We wanted to thank you for our recent experience at ITS in Miami. We learned so much and it was very organized and professional. We were impressed by all of the managers and agents there.

​You proved you’re definitely an organization that keeps it’s word. Thank you to all your staff for making this a wonderful experience!”

Michelle, Mother of Taylor and Claire, Indianapolis

“Melissa!! I just wanted to say how awesome everything was at ITS!!! I was just telling Lynn how great the ITS staff was and how I always knew where to go, what time to be there, etc. etc.

​Everything was always so organized...and this was my first time at the Doral so I was worried about getting everywhere on time and where to go but you guys rock...you made it so easy...you’re awesome Melissa!!! And also, great job with picking my program book pic I was very pleased...is there somewhere I can go to post comments about ITS? New people need to know how amazing it is!!!”

Jordan, Topeka KS

“Still recuperating from the amazing ITS experience we had in Miami. We wanted to thank you for all the support that you gave us in preparation for this trip.

​Thanks so much for the awesome communication and help in answering all our questions as we got ready for the trip.

​We surely appreciate all the help and know that you work very hard to make everything fall in place for the event.”

Henrietta, Mother of contestant, Albuquerque NM