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International Talent Showcase

On Stage

The mission of the International Talent Showcase is to promote a safe, educational and exciting experience in the talent industry.  ITS is a union between top modeling agencies, reputable agents, qualified directors, experienced coaches and pre-screened talent hopefuls.


Reputable agents are invited to attend the International Talent Showcase to scout talent for their agencies and to assist in the educational development and understanding of the talent industry for talent and their families. ​


Qualified directors are an integral part of the ITS network. Directors are located throughout the country to assist in the development, guidance and representation of selected talent to the agents at the International Talent Showcase. These directors have agreed to host training sessions for selected talent in their hometowns so talent will be fully prepared for showcasing in front of the agents.

Experienced coaches are utilized by the directors throughout the country to prepare selected talent for ITS. Coaches develop and practice with talent before their arrival at the event in Florida.


Each participant will do three events that are thoroughly developed and practiced with their coaches before they arrive at the Showcase. ​​Talent that is selected are guaranteed that they will have the opportunity to showcase before reputable agents, that they will be fully prepared by the experienced coaches that will train them in their own hometowns prior to the event and they will gain exposure and educational insight about the entertainment industry during their preparation training as well as at the actual Showcase.

The rest of the recipe for success lies within each selected talents motivation and perseverance. Talent is selected that scouts and directors feel possess talent, a positive personality, intelligence, family support and DESIRE!

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