Audition Preparation


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to bring a picture of myself to the Audition?

No. Although it is not required we prefer you bring a non-returnable photo of yourself so we can attach it to your application.

Do I have to bring a parent with me?

If you are under the age of eighteen (18) Yes! If youa re over the age of eighteen (18) it is nor required but parents are defintiely welcomed.

How long does the Audition last?

The length of the entire audition depends on the amount of people attending. They usually run anywere from 1 to 2 hours.

What can I expect when I attend the Audition?

A presentation will be given by the Scout explaining and educating potential talent and parents about the industry and the qualities that ITS is looking for.

How do the Models audition?

Models will walk down the runway. No prior experience is necessary. The scout that is conducitng the audiiton will guide you.

Do I need to bring a script or have a monologue prepared?

You can prepare a monologue or TV commercial OR we can provide you with a script when you arrive.

Do singers need to have a song prepared?

Yes! Any song of your choice for 30 seconds done acapella.

How do the dancers audition?

Dancers will perform a choreographed routine. you must bring your own music.

What happens after the Audition?

All the applications and auditions will be reviewed and callbacks will be made. Callback appointment time will be given to you when you are notified. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent MUST attend the appointment with you.

What happens if I am not a Callback?

Unfortuately not everyone will make the callback list. We hope that you learned more about the industry and had some fun. Please stay in touch and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about upcoming audiitons, success stories and keep us posted on your success in your local market.

Can I audition for more than one area of interest?

Yes! Everyone is required to audition for acting and/or modeling. SInging and dancing can also be added.

What is the cost to Audition?

No cost. The audition is free. If you receive a Callback and you decide to attend ITS there is a participation cost. All of the details will be given by the Scout at your audition.

What should I wear?

Wholesome, age-appropriate clothing that fits properly. Please do not wear a lot of make-up. We like to see you as natural as possible.