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A great way to say THANK YOU!

ITS funds this Corporate Club which gives access to custom perks and savings from National Corporations for individuals with this membership card which will have their exclusive card number.  Upon receiving a donation for fundraising to a attend ITS you can furnish a Vip card to the donor as a token of your appreciation which will allow them savings and perks.  

A $49.95 Value

FAMILY & FRIENDS:  Will become a member and receive a Vip Card with their exclusive membership number to enjoy the

membership perks and savings from National and Local Companies. 

LOCAL BUSINESSES:  Offer your local businesses a place to offer a free perk or discount for their business which can also be featured along side the National Companies FOR FREE.  


VIP Card holders gain access using their exclusive card number at

or they can download the free Corporate Plus Club app on iPhone or Android.  

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